Welcome to Environment@RTPWelcome to Environment@RTP

Protecting the Environment

Environment@rtp is a committee created by the companies within the Research Triangle Park to share best practices and coordinate action to manage environmental issues. Our mission is to ensure a cleaner environment by working together. The committee takes a comprehensive approach to the management of air, water, waste, and wildlife habitat in RTP. Preservation of green open space has always been a priority in the planning and development of the Park. This combined with the efforts of the surrounding municipalities, has helped to make the Triangle one of the country's most desirable places to live.


A Coordinated Response

Environment@rtp enables the companies located within The Research Triangle Park to work together to manage resources and meet environmental regulations. We facilitate interaction with city and county officials in the Triangle with water resources, planning for future development and drought solutions. We also work to help companies prepare for emission regulations and waste management practices. Electronics recycling services are also provided to employees of Park companies twice a year. Please contact the Director of @rtp Programs to be added to the Environment@rtp contact list for more information. We encourage all companies in RTP to participate.


Sharing Best Practices

Environment@rtp provides a forum for companies to share best environmental practices. We typically host several lunch and learn meetings each year at the RTP Headquarters building and on-site in the park. These meetings cover such diverse topics as water conservation measures, solar power systems, LEED-certified Environment at RTP Logobuildings and regional habitat conservation. If your company has environmentally-friendly features or plans to implement sustainable practices, we encourage you to share them with other companies through Environment@rtp.